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I call all kinds of Scammers LIVE to raise awareness and to waste their time so they get to scam less people. The MORE of us scam baiters that dial them, the less chance they get to scam someone.

These people make a lot of victims by saying you have virus, hackers, pop ups, ad ware, malware infections, spyware, Trojans and all sorts of nasty bugs attacking your computer when rely its just a Java script popup trying to con you out of YOUR hard earned cash. They are mostly based in India, and not much is done by the authorities…. We try to make a difference! Please subscribe & share this stream to spread the word!

Every time their phones ring they will wonder if it will be a victim or one of us !
We bait, we troll, we prank, anything to prevent innocent people from being robbed!
Tech support scammers, IRS calls, fake cruise scammers, if they scam trough phone we dial them!

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