So before all the sad 13rw videos piles up on youtube i thought some humor amongst all the sadness might make someone laugh and not only take the deep topics from this show to heart, but also the funny once. Let me know if you want me to make from the rest of the episode from season 2. Idk you might not wanna see this lol. Spoilers for those who havent watched 13 reasons why season 2 episode 1 til 5.

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happy wheels 2 demo


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  • Anya Fisher-thomas 3 years ago

    Is it just me or has watching 13rw changed my life for real 😳 like in good ways and bad ways and opened up my 👀 eyes

  • Sinorita Ng 3 years ago

    Tyler was genuinely happy when they pranked Marcus

  • Stephanie Long 3 years ago

    California Justin Timberlake

  • Stephanie Long 3 years ago

    Don't me alone

  • Stephanie Long 3 years ago

    Stephanie's Justin

  • Stephanie Long 3 years ago

    Justin Stephanie

  • Stephanie Long 3 years ago

    Justin Timberlake Stephanie lough

  • Earl Leary 3 years ago

    13 reasons is such a great series. It was very well performed, great actors, and told a serious message. ♥️

  • Addison Linsley 3 years ago

    I love Tony he’s my favorite

  • Rosendal Jr. 3 years ago

    i love Ryan lol

  • sari sara 3 years ago

    Hahah I just now noticed that Justin is wearing one of Clays Alien Killer Robot Shirts

  • Baws Hafft 3 years ago

    if this is what u white teens call funny…. we got a problem

  • Emely Herrera 3 years ago

    "I will leave BOTH of you if you don't get in my fucking car NOW!" Truer words could not be spoken Tony!! Although it doesn't help that he most likely owns the only RED as hell Mustang in the whole state/area. I for one cannot for the life of me find out how they didn't find them 🤣🤣 plot armor.~~

  • B3Dcool :v 3 years ago

    C mamo justin xd

  • I don’t know What to put here 3 years ago

    “Just apologising to…. purple tracksuit lady”

  • Peyton H 3 years ago

    Season 2 Justin hit diiiiiifferent

  • jelena collins 3 years ago

    Knowing what i know then hear justin say
    Some vitamin D while looking at Tony…killed me

  • Jake King 3 years ago

    “can you pass me some more shampoo” hIS poUTing fACeeeeee 😍😍😅

  • Jordan White 3 years ago

    1:29 You smell like dead feet.
    Hilarious clay

  • Jordan White 3 years ago

    2:19 its good to see you too