In this video, I’ll show you how to joke your friends.
You’ll see school pranks, Coca-Cola, smartphone, toothpaste and more.

Did you see that?

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  • Power Vision 3 years ago

    Hi guys! Next comment "Joke" in your language.

  • Saeful Ilham 3 years ago


  • VK creations 3 years ago


  • THE REAL JEON JUNGKOOK 3 years ago

    My friend would honestly get a heart attack if I do that cutting finger prank

  • erol tazegül 3 years ago

    Makraft çek

  • Магомед Багандов 3 years ago

    Рярхили ва рирзили каратурси

  • Магомед Багандов 3 years ago

    Раркили каратурси кехба неш хали ва чичай рярз

  • Магомед Багандов 3 years ago


  • Магомед Багандов 3 years ago

    Хела неш ва ханеш рарх

  • pardeepsharmap 3 years ago


  • MediaEmeraldBlueIrishEffects583 / MABIE583 3 years ago


  • Gavy Gamer yt 3 years ago

    Joke = mazak

  • Ali tagheiyam 3 years ago

    I was very harsh,brother,the iPhone11 is not a Nokia button but this is your hobby

  • Chacha Potter 3 years ago

    Que des placements de produits mais c'est genial!!!

  • DENAS CENTERBG 3 years ago

    тоша със гъбата е от анди студио.Копирчи

  • Меккежан Мамырбек 3 years ago

    много мозг Оракул сайт игрушек

  • Misiek 3 years ago

    20 dumbass pranks…

  • anamaris de souza 3 years ago

    🍉 🍈🍉🍎🍆🍎tg🍆🍎🍆🌶 🧀🍓🍓🍟🍟🍗¥1+água E

  • Sunkara Loinyacha 3 years ago