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Hey guys! We are back with another 3 AM video, but this time we will be pulling pranks on each other. Be sure to leave a comment down below telling us who pulled the best prank!

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  • That YouTub3 Family 6 years ago

    If you want to play some pranks with your lights, ask your mom or dad to order some of the switches from Leviton. They are also great for security or energy savings. Hope you enjoyed today's video, have a super day!

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  • Blixel Plays 6 years ago

    How come when the lights turned on people changed clothes

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  • Jose Pereira 6 years ago

    Shave Jordan

  • Marjorie Julissa Evans Arana 6 years ago

    My favorite prank was from Mom Dad and Audrey

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    No don't shave her head

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    Yes sheve it

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    No don't don't save her hair

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    Sav jodin

  • Diana Sanchez 6 years ago

    yes cut her hair

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