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‘F2 – Funny Family’ is the latest Telugu Comedy Web Series starring ‘Ravi Teja Nanimalla, Deek Sunny & Gowthami Chitra’. The story which revolves around 2 brothers – Ravi & Sunny takes a twist when the elder brother Ravi gets married to Gowthami. Watch this funny series & don’t forget to subscribe

Cast : Raviteja Nannimala, Deek Sunny, Mahendra

Editing : Chiliveri Pavan Kumari

Cinematography : KVM Danesh

Publicity designer : Durga Sai

Written & Directed by Saiteja

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  • CRIME NEWS 3 years ago

    Aye!!!… Why your channel is not supposed to keep videos .Every saturday there were no videos . I was very angry .

  • Pegadaraju venkata subhashini 3 years ago

    When is next episode

  • Krishnaveni M 3 years ago

    Next video eppudu waiting

  • Akula jahnavi 3 years ago

    Were is new video
    I am waiting

  • Gopi Krishna 3 years ago

    Where is new episode

  • dasoju nichiyha1999 3 years ago

    Sunny ur Acting skills πŸ”₯❀

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  • Badri BS J Star 3 years ago

    Super πŸ‘πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜

  • Badri BS J Star 3 years ago

    So funny

  • Rahul Chowdary 3 years ago

    In before video the boy is vegetable seller

  • Ranjanreddy Sree 3 years ago

    Do kidnap part 3 sunny got kidnapped kidnappers are asking 90000

  • malav 11691 3 years ago

    gouthami is loveee

  • dampuru ananth 3 years ago

    Ok sobanu

  • 5th generation 5th generation 3 years ago

    Cal me bro please i want share my thoughts .9542621991



  • Rider nani 3 years ago

    Super bro

  • Karunakar Karna 3 years ago

    Only for gowthami……

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    Akka ne acting superb……

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