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* These are 5 simple gag gift pranks you can pull off on Christmas, as well as a bonus prank that is very extreme so prank at your own risk!

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  • Pryor Mariotti 6 years ago

    My parents got mad at me I’m grounded!😿 but thank u for making videos soon you’ll be a great tuber not saying that u already r

  • Aleah Gomez 6 years ago

    why do you need gloves if your not. doing a food hack video ???

  • eric sheehan 6 years ago

    How bout put some money in the bowl

  • weekly game master 6 years ago

    love your vids and content!

  • Anacarmen Torres 6 years ago

    the end part was the best

  • I SCARFACE I Gaming 6 years ago

    I’ve always wanted to ask you if you get hot in your mssk

  • Kittycatcupcake 6 years ago

    With the toilet paper one I would’ve done a ton of one dollar bills so they would keep pulling out money XD

  • Rosita Muhammad 6 years ago

    Want to here a joke

    Read more

  • Earth To Ashlyn 6 years ago

    6:18 It's a gift cylinder!

  • Rman Nayr 6 years ago


  • Cardtrix 8 6 years ago

    I got $100 worth of Amaxon gift cards this year!!! ( and much more of course)

  • Andres Rodriguez 6 years ago

    that sucks i didnt get anyrhing for xmas im not lying and i really wanted a gopro

  • Andres Rodriguez 6 years ago

    can i have the fitbit because im fat and i need to exercise xD #savemylife

  • Spidermon360 pg 6 years ago

    Bro should upgrade your mask that would be a cool video to watch🤜👍💪👌😎

  • Dwreck2921 6 years ago


  • Hi i just wanted to tell u that I'm gay oh and 6 years ago

    For the last one I'll just use wine

  • Codillas Rock 6 years ago

    I love these pranks, and Mountain Dew is my favorite too 😁

  • the shield 6 years ago


  • Tsuyu Asui 6 years ago

    I did the one with liquid to my dad and he got mad and sent me to my room and took all my roblox toys and burned them

  • ieatcrayolaz 6 years ago

    you have $31.41 not $31.46