April Fool’s Day is coming up, and if you don’t have the perfect prank yet, we’ve got you covered!

If you are a fan of good April fools pranks, take a look at our compilation below.

We don’t advocate destroying people’s property or hurting them, but everything else is fair game!

Happy pranking!


0:15 Glued slippers prank

1:31 Toilet paper spider surprise

2:23 Epic rubber snake prank

3:05 Mayo filled donut prank

5:06 Ketchup in the straw trick

6:06 Fake bug under the lampshade

6:52 Drinking straw prank

7:30 Fake milk spill


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  • 123 GO! 3 years ago

    April Fool's Day is coming up! Are you ready? Check out these funny pranks!

  • Logistica Esperanza Olivos 3 years ago

    Qué asquerosa ella.

  • Olivia Messina 3 years ago

    Noooooo I'm falling down 😂

  • Rani Ranpise 3 years ago


  • mohammed sohail Mamodo 3 years ago

    happy april fools day 123 go crew!

  • MICHAEL Malachy 3 years ago


  • Natcatrocks 3 years ago

    For the first one only tape one so they’ll trip better.

  • GalacticWind 3 years ago

    and gently STAB IT!!!!!!!

  • rachel miller 3 years ago

    who's voice do you think is in the back round

  • Chase Ashton 3 years ago

    I have something of a prank for those peeps taking my food..started by making a batch of homemade burgers that surely they'll be wanting to take a bite on..tho the burgers that I made were very very generously seasoned in with crushed bits of chilli peppers along with spiciest hot sauce I could find ..after that I placed them inside transparent containers and left them on the kitchen table for anyone to see..but for something extra I also filled every water bottle and pitcher in our fridge with sprite a carbonate drink to make them suffer more, they're both transparent so the peeps would confuse it as water..also I turned off the water pipe connections in our house as well.. Lol ˚ㄥ˚

  • Simran beg cute girl 3 years ago

    My faviorate chanle is 5 minute I watching your all videos

  • iiClxud._. Drxplxtsii 3 years ago

    My traditional April fools day prank is always forgotten so i can do it every YEAR

  • IS0 SIZZY 3 years ago

    We can’t do the toilet paper one you know no toilet paper 🧻 anywhere cause toilet paper cures corona virus

  • Peachy Blupples 3 years ago

    Who is this evil?

  • Heather 3 years ago

    McDonald’s n’ dine!

    You’ll get it later. 😂

  • Vanessa Lopez 3 years ago

    My name is April

  • Elisa Beatch 3 years ago


  • Eldoon Sasa 3 years ago

    بتابع كتير الفيديوهات بس هما يقلعون فاالحجاب احسن انصحوهم

  • Lile Nebieridze 3 years ago

    Who's behind the voice?

  • Jazmin Santibanez 3 years ago

    Troom troom?