Answering Phone Loudly Prank

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This is the ANSWERING PHONE LOUDLY PRANK! We decided to go out and answer our phones LOUDLY in public to see what kind of reactions we would get. We got kicked out of Walmart for recording, got talked to by security, and even went through multiple takes to bring you guys the best. Hope you guys enjoy and be sure to give us feedback if you liked this video on answering the phone loudly prank. SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE!


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  • SEGTV 3 years ago

    Part 2? 😉

  • EvanTheGamerYT 3 years ago

    My phone rang while watching this

  • Daniel Andrews 3 years ago

    Trigger Happy TV

  • _ MIKIMOTO _ 3 years ago

    4:08 was that Donald trump talking to him 😂😂😂😂

  • _ MIKIMOTO _ 3 years ago

    2:22 that was the best one lmaooo

  • CyanoticFuture 3 years ago

    I farted

  • Claire Catherin Murphy 3 years ago

    Obviously a ‘Trigger Happy TV’ fan! So funny!! There’s only one Dom Joly tho 😂😂😂

  • I swear I've watched all their vids high af🤣 amazing, imagine if they got a collab with nelk omg

  • H'RiThiK' D 3 years ago

    Everyone wtf🤣🤣😂😂😂

  • KD Fain 3 years ago

    1:51: "You should talk louder."😅

  • Jamestube 8439 3 years ago

    At 1:29, if I'm not mistaken that seems to be Somerset Collections Mall in Troy MI. Am I right?

  • سجاد حسين 3 years ago

    3:21 لا هاي حيل قوية

  • faizah khan 3 years ago


  • Bigfoot Forest 3 years ago

    hopefully you do more like this soon these are your funniest pranks

  • Lux Vella 3 years ago

    "Read my lips" 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Wishandy Yang 3 years ago


  • Fresh Apples 3 years ago

    In the thumbnail he looks like Drake

  • Amanda Nikole 3 years ago

    Omgoodness so hilarious and embarrassing at the same time lol

  • 96_____________makaveli 3 years ago

    This shit has me in tears 😭

  • Repforthe Motor city 3 years ago

    Why is there a star on mall floor at 0:2 ? what does it mean?