The talented (and funny !) Mrs. Blanchett. =D
Video without background music :

Music : Sia’s songs
Thank you to @Jessicate for all of these video moments. And thank you Cate…

happy wheels 2 demo

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  • Tamerlane 6 years ago

    she's fun, not funny

  • rozziebrown 6 years ago

    I would so love you to repost this video without the music. In places I can't hear what she's saying 🙁

  • Желаю удачи 6 years ago

    Cate Blanchett is THE most talented, beautiful, intelligent, funny, witty, down to earth actress there is, she doesn't need this background shit you call music…

  • Eduardo Cornejo 6 years ago


  • BLACK SKY 6 years ago

    Hey, I love Cate and I love your background music!!

  • DNAWKCARC 6 years ago

    the greatest thing of her it's her inteligence and the porwer she transmits

  • Davis Pittman 6 years ago

    7:09. Love it! 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • irisroon 6 years ago

    What's the last background song?

  • GarthanSaal444 6 years ago

    Now Cate gets to play heavy duty Thor super villain Hela. I can't wait to see her in that antler head piece.

  • Mills J 6 years ago

    the background music is too loud damn

  • bgNightmareTuna 6 years ago

    She is amazing!!!!

  • Aparajita Chakraborty 6 years ago

    I love her voice! I have a deep voice too and ppl often call me Sir on the phone. I would not change it for anything.. it's sexaay! you are one amazing, smart, witty, talented, funny, gorgeous lady, Cate Blanchett! I can't think of anything sexier than that! love you!!

  • lea feliciano 6 years ago

    what was sia's song at around 11:00 ish

  • XXIV Herut 6 years ago

    @10:12 what does she say to the Asian interviewer? Not "you're gorgeous" but right after that…..

  • 부산메시 6 years ago

    wonderful beautiful smoking hot awesome adorable!!!!!!

  • 부산메시 6 years ago

    ohhhhhh I love her.. thank you cate!!!!!

  • Elaini 6 years ago

    The music is good, but in this video, very much unnecessary.


  • ocwaveoc69 6 years ago

    What idiot puts the background music volume at 5 and conversational volume at 3?

  • Livia Fabris 6 years ago

    is she really funny or is she just tall?