*announcer voice* AFV presents: THE BEST PRANKS OF ALL TIME… PART 2 *echo* If you thought our AFV best pranks of all time 1 was funny.. you are in for a real treat!! *pie to the face*

Which prank is your favorite? Let us know in the comment section below and we might make a funny compilation of that prank!

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happy wheels 2 demo

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  • RockafireFan 4 years ago

    XD the one with the kid singing

  • 360 101 4 years ago

    2:07 daAAAaAd

  • BrianScott2112 4 years ago

    Calling these the best pranks of all time, is a little bit of a stretch.

  • LaToya Myles 4 years ago


  • 제석천 4 years ago


  • ahmed 09 4 years ago

    Some of them are very terrible

  • Zach Terry 4 years ago

    1:25 green bean bag pull away ! Ouch

  • Thunder Strike 4 years ago

    2:12 I recognize that man. That's my school janitor Mr. AJ

  • Erick’s gaming Adventures 4 years ago

    4:56 me when I have to wake up for school at 3 am

  • Christian Rosario 4 years ago
  • Trouble Lee 4 years ago

    Nothing makes me laugh like kids!!!

  • Arjuna persada 4 years ago

    quality time with family it must it must

  • FLAVORS from HEAVEN 4 years ago

    There must be a research as to why people worldwide enjoy scaring others or when someone falls down

  • theninjakid 28 4 years ago

    0:08, Can we just appreciate what a perfect arc that boy just flew in?
    1:21, Instant karma right there
    2:52, Don't know what you were expecting there, pallerino

  • Хакімжан Хисметов 4 years ago


  • MystiiczOnmobile 4 years ago

    How is life goin

    Well 1:04

  • Linda Furr 4 years ago

    When you make little kids cry or make someone fall and hurt themselves, tell me , just how is that funny? Make me fall and I promise you , we will go to fist city!

  • world school 4 years ago

    1:25 not funny. that kid hurt her back

  • Gel Patricio 4 years ago

    Msiwoasl Nswkawisaa

  • Summer Wright 4 years ago

    Who else the dad at 2:01 looks like bob from stranger things