WOW! Now that would make you mad wouldn’t it!?

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Welcome to the world-famous Just for Laughs Gags, we’ve been playing silly pranks on unsuspecting people in public and capturing hilarious reactions with hidden cameras.

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  • Himmat Makwana 1 year ago


  • Gerry Hermanda Kurniawan 1 year ago


  • Syafar Music 1 year ago

    Oh no.. Daphnee

  • 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  • Malcolm Mutambanengwe 1 year ago

    1:13 kikiki

  • Sazidour Rahman 1 year ago

    I am a Bangladeshi, and i love this show

  • Jerica Tf 1 year ago

    Lmao this the best one yet

  • so anna 1 year ago

    they made those strangers complicit in the smooth operator's shenanigans lol

  • Rayo deplata 1 year ago


  • Courtney Haynes 1 year ago

    I can haz both women? 😍

  • Humee Ayisha 1 year ago

    See how the guys laughed when he changed his mind ,lol. And the ladies worried lol

  • Rajiv Rathor 1 year ago

    Kuch alag tha yah very nice

  • Pedro Gil 1 year ago

    The Instagram of thw girl is @delyzi_yoko

  • Jonathan Poon 1 year ago

    very boring, I hate this kinda so called pranks!

  • Said Alixon 1 year ago


  • 萌妹必须死 1 year ago


  • Искандер А 1 year ago

    Извращеные фантазии англосаксов.

  • Gladiator Maximus 1 year ago

    King of the king!

  • Dennis Ji 1 year ago

    Anyone know the name of the background music?thanks.

  • Luv iz EVOL 1 year ago

    Everyone was so impressed by his chad move they just pushed him to the second girl…