Castle 2×19 Moment (Wrapped Up in Death) – Castle after gazing at the mummy in a museum believes he is cursed. Beckett with Ryan and Esposito add to his fear by playing some pranks on him. One is with his chair and the coffee machine. Rick falls from his chair which was rigged. The coffee machine explodes.

Castle Season 2 Episode 19 “Wrapped Up in Death” (HD)
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  • Valentine Konushenko 3 years ago

    he aint afraid of no ghosts, but what abt curses?

  • Piotr Angelus 3 years ago

    O lol… 2 actors from Stargate in this scene 🙂 Erick Avari from movie and show plus Currie Graham from SG: The Ark of Truth 😀

  • Light House 3 years ago

    😀😀i miss that..lovely!

  • wasn't the elevator scene part of this too? and the reaction part at the end was cut a little bit. I really liked when Javier was laughing and said "I'm castle, and I don't believe in curses" 😂