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  • Funny Awesome 4 years ago

    Hi guy, Thanks for watching! Newest "fun baby" video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vM4nP5h4BFk&t=120s

  • Pets Awesome 4 years ago

    great. A happy family

  • Life of Baby 4 years ago

    wow awesome !

  • Antonia 4 years ago


  • Beverly Sue Kwityn 4 years ago

    Children brighten our days.

  • JokerGod 4 years ago

    4:01 Boss baby

  • Tanvin Khan 4 years ago

    Daat ti matha nostto 😇😇

  • Mahesh 4 years ago

    Babies are good entertainment for grand parents..

  • ENZ PRINT CO. 4 years ago

    That KO at 2:24 Hahahaha

  • Night Fury 4 years ago

    9:05 went
    "Uh weird"
    "U got me there!he he. So funny"
    "What the-"

  • Sara Meconizzi 4 years ago


  • Зоя Снисаренко 4 years ago

    Я кохаю усіх діточок на світі Хай виростають здоровими та щасливими Амінь.😃😃😃😃😃😃😃🐇🐇👗🐕🐦🐈😄😄😄👑👑

  • Sumayya Ehsan 4 years ago


  • Zakiya SA 4 years ago

    That was so adorable and funny, I love babies ,can't stop laughing😚💗😚💗😚💗

  • Mïå_ Ëđïțś 4 years ago

    3:06 the best one ive every seen XD

  • Marilou Dapitanon 4 years ago

    I went Here To Ease the Pain,Depression,Stress and Loneliness I Feel. Thank You It Makes Me Smile.Babies Are Making Me Happy. I Lost My Niece and My Brother and It Pains Us Like Hell.

    I Wish I Could Have One someday.

  • Wariatzkosmosu 4 years ago

    It makes me think of my childhood

  • SukaBeda 4 years ago


  • Pets Awesome 4 years ago

    so sweet baby and family!

  • Krishna Turusamy 4 years ago