From tight leather pants, to beef in the trifle, to the…Holiday Armadillo, take a look at the all-time funniest moments from Friends!
1. Ross wearing leather pants with baby powder (Season 5, Episode 11) 00:00
2. Joey puts on all his clothes at once (Season 3, Episode 2) 02:09
3. Ross and Rachel sing “Baby Got Back” to Emma (Season 9, Episode 7) 03:01
4. Monica’s 1-7 Explanation (Season 4, Episode 11) 04:26
5. Ross’s spray tan fail (Season 10, Episode 3) 06:49
6. Rachel’s fight with Will Colbert on Thanksgiving (Season 8, Episode 9) 08:59
7. Phoebe running in the park with Rachel (Season 6, Episode 7) 10:35
8. Rachel fights with Ross (Season 10, Episode 5) 11:59
9. Phoebe dated an annoying Parker (Season 8, Episode 18) 14:34
10. Ross “You ate my sandwich?” (Season 5, Episode 9) 15:19
11. Joey practices “Bamboozled” (Season 8, Episode 20) 16:49
12. The girls (Monica and Rachel) lose their apartment (Season 4, Episode 12) 18:20
13. Ross is fine with Joey and Rachel dating (Season 10, Episode 2) 21:55
14. Joey on Pyramid game show (Season 10, Episode 11) 23:27
15. Ross’s “I fell asleep” fight with Rachel (Season 4, Episode 1) 24:53
16. Phoebe’s Nestle Toll House Cookies (Season 7, Episode 3) 26:21
17. Rachel accidentally puts beef in the trifle (Season 6, Episode 9) 27:18
18. Holiday Armadillo (Season 7, Episode 10) 28:24
19. Monica’s NYE dance with Ross (Season 6, Episode 10) 29:11
20. “Pivot!” scene with Ross, Rachel, Chandler (Season 5, Episode 16) 30:43.

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  • Aaron's Zoe 3 years ago

    American shows be like:
    How are you?
    And so on

  • Prerna Maurya 3 years ago

    Friends is…….amaaaaaaaaaaaaazzzzing!
    It is everything except food and sleep and hygiene in quarantine….its perfect.
    If you are a college student and you have no idea what to do when even syllabus for upcoming exam is kind over ( the part you wanted to cover to give the exam )

  • that couch scene always annoyed me cause i wanted them to stand it up vertically lol

  • sartorian darkstorm 3 years ago

    tbs has a funny concept of whats funny within that show… and they dont even show all of the good stuff just teasing

  • Good Hello Everyone 3 years ago

    I never understood why in the spray tan place you have to count before you turn x)

  • snow man 3 years ago

    Imagine a retake on the bathroom emergency 😂

  • negativefuckhead 3 years ago


  • ScarletAce_17 3 years ago

    “Smelly cat smelly cat what are they feeding you”-phoebe, 🤣😂

  • Gonzalo Lucas 3 years ago


  • GRUNGE ROCK YOU 3 years ago


  • Azooz DiMz 3 years ago

    Ross looks like the singer from deftones

  • Claire Amigo 3 years ago

    when this show comes out , i remmember my bro watching with CD . he use to watch it all the time and now im watching it . this show is really that old .

  • Kapani Saprii 3 years ago

    Where was Phoebe?

  • itspaityn 3 years ago

    where's "l is for love, and what is life without love?"

  • Mitch Peters 3 years ago

    “Don’t you worry about me falling asleep. I still have your letter!”

  • Jayesh Sharma 3 years ago

    Joey :- hey wouldn't it be cool if our duck and chicken had little baby?
    it could be called as CHUCK
    chandler :- or DICK

  • James Shoemaker 3 years ago

    You needed to keep going on the desert one. They were eating it and Ross said it tasted like feet, Joey goes I like it.

  • Blue Mario 3 years ago

    Joey urinates on Monica to get the jellyfish sting out

  • M. Rodriguez 3 years ago

    "My Sandwich!?? MY SANDWICH!!?"
    Ross turned into Joey for a moment. Lol

  • IMF_Gaurav 3 years ago

    The Big Bang Theory is better…..