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  • Hashim Gashi 3 years ago


  • Moon Rider 3 years ago

    This is why Mesut Ozil stay out from singing and focus on football..

  • II Fabo II 3 years ago

    Since his singing career didn't turn out as planned, Di Maria decided to dedicate his life to football

  • zehra 3 years ago

    His name is Nabil Sabti and he keeps singing, also I guess he is famous in his country. That's his Instagram account @sbt.nabil

  • Vaibhavi Marathe 3 years ago

    It’s contagious

  • PEA KNOT 3 years ago

    Be back 5 years

  • ЯickyRisha410 3 years ago

    Won’t blame if he has a reaction channel on YouTube. It would be 🔥

  • ЯickyRisha410 3 years ago

    I am glad that YouTube was created so we can watch this gem!

  • ЯickyRisha410 3 years ago

    This is so me 😌😌

  • Josh casino 3 years ago


  • Ricardo Leroy 3 years ago

    I'd like to know witch song is that

  • M A N T E 3 years ago

    How I be

  • marco ramirez 3 years ago


    Not a single soul in the universe:

    Me at 3 am: 0:03 ……HIGH NOOOoote

  • Boy Vasquez 3 years ago

    I love this 😂

  • Starlight Glimmer 3 years ago

    My brother keep watching this 😂

  • That's the type of laugh that used to make snot fly out my nose and dangle lol.

  • Chhuanawma erawh 3 years ago


  • Esat Acikgoz 3 years ago

    My man was just like "Imma head out" and walked off the stage lmao,

  • Fantasy Melody 3 years ago

    his laugh makes me laugh so much 😂😂

  • Mintesnot Feleke 3 years ago

    When your friend is infront of you