Funny DOGS will make you LAUGH like a drain – Time to Relax!

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  • chile9615 3 years ago



  • JoshDoesIt 3 years ago

    Am in the hospital recovering from surgery watching this. I feel way better now

  • JoshDoesIt 3 years ago

    Am in the hospital recovering from surgery watching this. I feel way better now

  • Falcy Chead 3 years ago

    …Are drains notable for their laughing?

  • Liljie Benitez 3 years ago

    4:01 he looks too sad

  • Sinan Tuten 3 years ago

    My favorite is the twerky one 🙂

  • James B 3 years ago

    What a weird title

  • SamZeBest 3 years ago

    0:03 Rocket League dribbles in real life

  • Gaming Mom 3 years ago

    lol. dont trust a pitbull. i was expecting a hug.

  • Ilkepink zoro 3 years ago

    Min 4:54 🙌EPIC🙌

  • heather brown-hardy 3 years ago


  • Gail Yarbrough 3 years ago

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  • dioma sidibe 3 years ago

    dogs are so unique

  • Løvely 3 years ago

    2:41 omg i thought that was a PILLOW 😳😂

  • Md. Saheriyaar 3 years ago

    Fake thumbnail 😒

  • Michael Howell 3 years ago

    The first clip is me trying to dribble in rocket league

  • Sweet and Funny Animals 3 years ago

    I have very well dogs videos on my channel. would you look to my channel. Have a good watching. 🐶🐶🐶

  • Rony Sentiko 3 years ago

    What you looking for is.

  • TopMasMan13 3 years ago

    Idk who’s better the dog from the first Clip or Christians Ronaldo

  • Mr. Efyou Man 3 years ago

    There's only ONE demographic that would have a dog eating at the table like a human. WOW….so strange.