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happy wheels 2 demo

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  • Harshit Chaudhary 4 years ago

    Come onn did no one really think “horny” for the last question 🙃

  • maha saud 4 years ago

    The first one gum is an obvious answer :/

  • Ben Lee 4 years ago

    What was number 2?

  • Benji Does Something 4 years ago

    I never chew on stuff without swallowing (I say as I chew a lego piece)

  • Grayson Kendall 4 years ago


  • Seth Winters 4 years ago

    Name a word/words that starts with the letter B that describes Steve Harvey.
    Me: Big Lips
    What else?

  • Seth Winters 4 years ago

    When she said Sperm, I'm like, ok her husband needs a doctor, but this is the right kind of question to say cut his penis off

  • Lolo Strange 4 years ago

    "Beat up the mistress ".😆🤣

  • Rich Sage 4 years ago

    Did she really say sperm?😂😂

  • Nometry jr 4 years ago

    If she don’t swallow she ain’t a lady

  • Julia Noble 4 years ago

    so good

  • Kelesha Banton 4 years ago

    What’s number 2?

  • Ash The Geek 4 years ago

    Bro that's the whitest family i've seen

  • Amy j 4 years ago

    why do all Americans clap for themselves

  • Fluffy Pancake 4 years ago

    Name a word starting with H that describes steve harvey
    Me: well i cant say bald, hmm
    Also me 3 seconds later: HAIRLESS

  • Fluffy Pancake 4 years ago

    Terina is a physcopath

  • Fluffy Pancake 4 years ago

    2:07 thats what she said

  • Melancholic Wallflower 4 years ago

    Steve wanna marry the first woman. His face was like "she a freak" lol

  • Sheri T 4 years ago

    can i just point out that mercy wasn't an option the board but
    nearly beating the life out of your husband/bf and murdering him if the wife/gf feels like it are on the board

  • dmoney141414 4 years ago

    Steve Harvey always be doing the most
    Steve: Name something you put in a bowl
    Guy: Cereal
    Steve: WHUT!?
    Guy: ….cereal
    Steve: Whut in the hell is wrong witcha boy!? goes on rant for 60 seconds ok, show me cereal
    Board: #1 answer