We are back with Pagal Prank and lot of fun and laughter. In this #Prank we tried to create some fun from making our teammate act as a pagal, Psycho on the street. Enjoy the Best Psycho Prank and share your feedback and comments, so that we can create more awesome videos and keep you entertained.

If you missed our last Prank video. Here is the link – https://www.zukazo.com/articles/happiness/pranks/funny-pagal-prank

And while you’re at it…

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  • Dharmik Pugalia 1 year ago

    He gai welcome to my channel. Gai seriously bro 😂😂

  • Namrata Sarkar 1 year ago

    Prank should be banned😬

  • Namrata Sarkar 1 year ago

    But they all are smiling because they already knew dt it was prank..😁

  • Rupa Aktar 1 year ago

    Wow nice this funny ,🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩

  • Premkumar Vivekanandhan 1 year ago


  • Lincoln Wikipedia 1 year ago

    Never new india had top runners they running

  • Aqib Qadri 1 year ago

    Very good

  • Gabriel D. 1 year ago

    One thing I noticed, I’ve never seen an Indian in shorts, isn’t India a tropical country too? I'm from Brazil and here it is common to see people wearing shorts, I go everywhere

  • Justin Kathir 1 year ago

    Enna la sirippa adikka mudila 😂

  • Cheppella Sumatejaswini 1 year ago

    Oreyyyy kojjja na kodaka…bustard why are u doing prank with old peoples ..u fu*ing bustards… Fu* off ..

  • Subhadra Luwagun 1 year ago


  • Kaneki Ghoul20 1 year ago

    Indian pranks Are funny🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • sonu 1 year ago

    पहिला गांड फाड🤭
    दालनेकी, बादमे बोलनेका,,
    भाई इधर कैमरा है….🤣🤣🤣

  • DEV frome gola up MUSICAL BOY 1 year ago

    Fadu 😁😁💃💃

  • HARSH PATWAR 1 year ago

    2:30 don't prank on old people pls

  • Kajal Valmiki 1 year ago

    Bhai prank karo but old age peoples k saath mat karo .while running if the fall then that can cause their life…so plzzz look into this

  • Ijakkumar Boddu 1 year ago


  • Licha Tama Studio 1 year ago

    Sound nahi ah raha hai

  • Aashish Kumar 1 year ago