George Clooney let’s us in on the dirty prank feud between himself and Brad Pitt but has he gone too far this time?

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  • music is music 1 year ago

    Identity theft is not a joke George! Millions of families suffer every year.

  • NatoHoro 1 year ago

    I was waiting for Dr. House to steal the show.

  • sudha karthikeyan1971 1 year ago

    No no nga

  • sudha karthikeyan1971 1 year ago

    I am sure nga

  • sudha karthikeyan1971 1 year ago

    Karthiks nga

  • sudha karthikeyan1971 1 year ago

    Where we belong is not clear nga

  • Max 7even 1 year ago

    Who's the dummy blonde,?

  • Nik Roche 1 year ago

    K RDJ is an amazing actor and no one else could’ve played Tony. BUT if Clooney played him i think it wouldve been amazing

  • dukevega1972 1 year ago

    That's it, I'm going to become famous enough to appear on Graham's show so I can drop the F-bomb and not get bleeped.

  • pendragon U 1 year ago

    This old gray wolf is just EViL….
    I know people HATE (love) Brad Pitt or Tom Brady, but this is getting his jelly beans in a devilish habanero up Brad's

  • kasou01 1 year ago

    For years I thought he was Buzz Lightyear.

  • Alfaro Nascimento 1 year ago

    The empty december clearly dam because doll additionly frame below a rapid crow. adventurous, pale believe

  • Brabus 76 1 year ago

    521 cops didnt like the video!!

  • Jerry Pelletier 1 year ago

    This was five years ago and back then Clooney already had that old man face and look about him…

  • gewinnste 1 year ago

    Clooney is ech ne coole Sau

  • Ankit Dhasmana 1 year ago

    I don't know but his voice is unique and different, captivating🔥

  • Daniela Baun 1 year ago

    Very funny pranks 😁❤

  • Zayne 1 year ago

    1:03 the face of pure joy

  • Michael 1 year ago

    That was the one he sent to Harvey with a very short bathrobe. The rest is history.

  • Ady's mix 1 year ago

    Is that Britt Robertson chilling on the left ?