All funny moments and dialogues in God of War 4.

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happy wheels 2 demo

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  • Mike Anderson 4 years ago

    Imagin if thats how he looked in the thumbnail 😂😂

  • Imarginacion 🇲🇽 Mx 4 years ago

    like si me lees

  • Dark Slayer 4 years ago

    The most best of mimir is freya spits on mimir XD

  • glo bus 4 years ago


  • Troy Dollar 4 years ago

    Rape face kratos

  • Str1ker Warr1or 4 years ago

    “I can feel it in my scrote” -Brok

  • Str1ker Warr1or 4 years ago

    “thor out there flashing his sack to the lake” ahh i really do love Brok

  • Str1ker Warr1or 4 years ago

    “twiddlin’ your short and curlies” hehe pubes

  • Str1ker Warr1or 4 years ago

    The way Brok says “none of yer fucken business” makes me extremely happy

  • J. A. R. V. I. S 4 years ago

    Kratos: All Smiles

  • 868tatj 4 years ago

    4:50 he's mad about the wrong thing lmaoo he almost died and hes upset kratos let brok fix his axe

  • 868tatj 4 years ago

    i really laugh when Kratos is fighting a Traveller and it puts the orb in the air and Atreus is screaming "HE'S CASTING A SPELL OR SOMETHING!!!!"

  • Eli J 4 years ago

    3:09 me when I’m on my break and one of my co worker is bothering me

  • That thumbnail traumatized me

  • Henryk Beronio 4 years ago

    When Kratos say NO! to sindri I was shock because I thought the Young Kratos attitude is back

  • Chuckles 4 years ago

    Kratos has definitely matured. Imagine if he was years younger he probably would've killed both dwarves.

  • Kendall Carroll 4 years ago

    1:19 me taking out the trash😂

  • Rithish Ramesh 4 years ago

    K N O B 3:51

  • BRUST FACE 4 years ago

    Mana Moments Nya Goblok?

  • DragonNeverLoves 4 years ago

    I really love Brok's jokes and humor 😂