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happy wheels 2 demo

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  • Nyyear AndJalyn 6 years ago

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  • tamara ruffin 6 years ago

    Jalyn Gang

  • Only Baby Laz 6 years ago

    Lmao i love yall ja was humpin him he said wtf

  • Dasha Williams 6 years ago

    I love jaylyn but she talk so much on the intro but I love her doe 💜💜💜💜3:08

  • Alahondra Noel 6 years ago

    Yall should a cheat prank

  • Janelle Joseph 6 years ago

    I am new to the channel, and it is litttt🔥🔥🔥👅👅 #jaylengang

  • Lovely Heart 6 years ago

    “Y u saldyyyy”🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Rihanna Jones 6 years ago

    When he pulled her off the couch I died

  • Kelog G 6 years ago

    im yall new subscriber and my bell is on

  • laresha blake 6 years ago


  • Jameela Mills 6 years ago

    This was funny asf😭😂

  • Riana Allen 6 years ago

    Fav couple y’all should do the no hands challenge ☺️

  • Ameliorate 6 years ago

    What a fucking shitty ass person. Why are you even with him? Holy shit.

  • Caden Mullins 6 years ago

    nyyear gang up in dis bit

  • Blessant Dodson 6 years ago

    "why you saldy" 😂😂😂

  • Shyann Johnson 6 years ago

    I not ur fucking dad this was funny ash u look like a garden ;you almost rip my ear

  • Savage Qveens 6 years ago


  • NoLimit Kaydo 6 years ago

    I love y'all videos I'm so use to ig skits and funny videos 😂 but the intro hella long though y'all gotta cut the talking and get to the prank 😊.

  • Rachel Dixon 6 years ago

    Jalyn gang

  • Keteauna Williams 6 years ago

    Omg you funny asf 😂😂😂 #teamjalyn