Prank victims are asked to help hold up a giant “Kiss Me” sign, which gets them a lot of attention from the ladies. This isn’t such a bad gig after all! A hot brunette and a sexy blonde girl both come up to and give a kiss to these guys who can’t believe their luck. But then the sign also gets a gay man’s attention too, and he’s come to collect his kiss!

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  • adrijano krasnici 6 years ago

    il fait de bisou

  • Petar Klaric 6 years ago

    One guy has from Croatia

  • HanaBidu_Games 6 years ago

    |KISS ME|
    |====== |
    ….|…| LOL

  • Jadav k 6 years ago

    🍬🍬🍬🍬🍬kiss me chocolate

  • Jadav k 6 years ago

    kiss me chocolate

  • MIRELLE CORN 6 years ago

    0:35….he looks like Ed sheeran……😋

  • I am from Croatia 😀 That guy from 0:39 is too :DDD

  • Jessica Mares 6 years ago

    Ha funny why man run away hate man kiss I so much funny

  • Isaiah Ibarra 6 years ago

    My sister thinks that the boy in soccer shirt and the boy with the hat

  • Isaiah Ibarra 6 years ago

    Oooo la la

  • Kay Iqbal 6 years ago

    The first girl was so bouncy.

  • عباس طالبی 6 years ago

    منم میخام

  • Yokesh Bca 6 years ago

    if I die you will be charged
    because I am laughing to much going to heart attavk

  • Lavinia Vougazianos 6 years ago

    This one is the best out of all of them XD

  • Karps 6 years ago

    Me encantan esos videos

  • Amita Hanh 6 years ago

    They are like happy when the girls kiss them but when the man come they

  • Malik Waris 6 years ago

    So funny see reaction when gy kiss

  • Ana Marija 6 years ago

    0:39 Hrvat🤘💪

  • Alicia Almada 6 years ago

    Why are men so afraid of kissing other men? It's not like they will automatically turn gay

  • yemima ruby anna bella 6 years ago

    Haha lol