Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier Trade Funny Insults on TV Show 1971
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  • ORIANO SAINT FLEUR 3 years ago

    I think the Rock was ali in wwe

  • Ronald Colman 3 years ago

    Ali always with the motormouth, always needing the attention, reminds me of a class clown. I liked him better in the ring than the spotlight, that said, you could always tell he was a well read and intelligent guy, I love the message of unity in such divided times.
    Got to wonder how much of his constant shit talk was based in some kind of insecurity, Hard to imagine him having any kind of self doubt, but I believe that's something inside every fighter, and perhaps that's how these monolithic character traits are forged.

  • Jose Javier Agramonte 3 years ago

    Insults insults of muhamad ali and joe frazier

  • Jaz Dhesi 3 years ago

    Muhammad Ali was a very handsome man

  • Jay T 3 years ago

    I like how naturally humble Frazier really is until goaded.
    He goes from saying you can't talk in the ring, only mumble at best because of the mouth guard.
    To then giving exactly their exchange of words once he saw Ali jump up and try to brag.

    If Ali hadn't have tried to brag, we would have missed that little exchange as Joe would have stuck with his original line of you can't talk propery with the mouth guard in.

    RIP Joe Frazier & Muhammad Ali

  • Adenzm18 3 years ago

    Was this after all three of the fights

  • Paul x 3 years ago

    this viedeo is a copilation of the most uglyest suits i have ever seen😂

  • Frazier was the only one to ever get in Ali's head.

  • Egg Boi 3 years ago

    When Ali said his jaw broke because he was talking I pissed myself because of how predictable it is of ali

  • M Azzopardi 3 years ago

    You could tell nobody animated Ali more than Frazier, he never accepted that first loss.

  • Fisheye Digital 3 years ago

    Ali looks like a neglected child who wont shut up

  • Big King 3 years ago

    true class…nowadays cursing and no class

  • Rayes 97 3 years ago

    I don’t care what nobody says Joe Frazier was unbeatable at common sense talk.

  • The Lion 3 years ago

    Now this is how you trash talk. No swearing or insulting each others families. Pure class and respect towards each other at the end of the day.

  • Manchester 0161 3 years ago

    Joe don’t play! He’s a gentleman and respects everyone, he doesn’t like that immature name calling and the bullying tactics Ali used. He’s a big friendly teddy bear with a heart of gold 😚. Joe’s like that little baby brother you have that’s always by your side who would protect you at all costs no matter what.

    He’s also a guy that will fight you till the death, there’s no quit in him what’s so ever which is a fact and something that I would put my life on without a second thought. There’s no Ali without Joe and no Joe without Ali, there both the greatest and joint equal at the top of the list and there names will forever live on and be in the history books and never forgotten.

    Last of all I just want to announce that he’s from the state Philadelphia and he goes by the name of Smokin’ Joe Frazier, I repeat Smokin’ Joe Frazier🔥🥊. We love you Joe 💙🇬🇧 #UKFan

  • cold water 3 years ago

    5:36 hidden message this guy is a legend really loved his race

  • Lee Thompson 3 years ago

    Listen boy… I said Roy 🙂


  • wes276 3 years ago

    Ali: Don’t you know I’m God!
    Frazier: Well God you gon get yo ass whooped tonight!

  • Ronin 77 3 years ago

    Frazier was super cool, very cool suit

  • Harold Brown 3 years ago

    I have Cotton comes to Harlem