NBA Ball Hits Face Funny Moments
NBA Ball Hits Face Funny Moments

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  • Muhammad Anas 4 years ago

    Steph curry reaction was so funny xD

  • Jerrey Fernandez 4 years ago


  • Jonathan Thurman 4 years ago

    Balls to the face…..

  • Josh CalebMunsayc 4 years ago

    1:55 hahahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahahaha

  • BeastModeJelly 4 years ago

    Well…it happens

  • BeastModeJelly 4 years ago

    1:10 you're here to watch the game damit

  • Carlos Riofrio 4 years ago

    Hasta los mejores del mundo les pasa momentos chistosos.

  • Blue Sekai Gamer 4 years ago

    0:37 never do misdirection overflow if you haven't perfected yet

  • xHexxur 4 years ago

    Like for how many times James Harden got hit in the head with a basketball

  • Samir Pernell 4 years ago

    1:20 that's where the meme came from

  • Marco louise Sawal 4 years ago


  • B real 4 years ago

    The ole boy at 1:10 πŸ˜‚
    20 years ago he might of blocked that shit. He watched the ball the whole way and all he did was flinch.

  • Tae Kim 4 years ago

    @5:06 – DOWN GOES FRAZIER!!!

  • Phil Yow 4 years ago

    7:08 so been bullied πŸ˜‚

  • Mary Oak 4 years ago


  • boboy channel 4 years ago

    1:02 it's not funny 😑

  • FLORES BOYZZ 4 years ago

    Keep this in mind when a basketball player acts tuff on the court. They damn near need medical attention from a basketball hitting them in the face. SMH such pussies.

  • Sinikull 4 years ago

    7:56 The referee

  • suckaaFree _ 4 years ago

    0:39 when ya boy making ya girl laugh too much πŸ˜‚

  • Boss Boss 4 years ago