In the second episode of Going BarDown, the BarDown team decides to prank Jesse. Using some new pranks and some classics, all seven pranks are rolled out in one game. Sorry Jesse!

happy wheels 2 demo


Prank Jokes


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  • Which prank got your favourite reaction from Jesse?

  • Sports productions 3 years ago

    Jesse is the goat

  • Brooklyn Smith 3 years ago

    I love how when jesse found out it was tobacco sauce then the was going the through up but not after he drank it in the first place

  • Mr ping 3 years ago

    ink or the skates

  • Adam Burke 3 years ago

    If I got all that glitter on my stuff… Let’s not go there

  • Xavier Amazing 3 years ago

    πŸ’¦ water in the twig

  • ontora yesmini 3 years ago

    The exciting exclusive statistic computationally bless because peer-to-peer reassembly spare after a tangible height. disastrous, slow chef

  • Tristan Hayes 3 years ago

    Jesse you are the biggest beauty, please never leave Bardown and I’ll never stop watching

  • fakebread Filipss 3 years ago

    si spatny

  • fakebread Filipss 3 years ago


  • Bo Anderson 3 years ago

    You could fill a stick with steel beads that would be so heavy

  • Zoey and Olivia M 3 years ago

    The water in the hockey stick

  • dixie normis 3 years ago

    at 8:05 is the best part

  • God Loves You

  • Connor Morrell 3 years ago

    McCarty not McCarthy

  • Thinking about what would’ve happened if Jesse face washed himself with the Tabasco πŸ˜‚

  • ivan anderson hate club inc 3 years ago

    that part when jessie falls was funny 1152

  • 1whyfren 3 years ago

    whoever came up with speaker just did there 1st rickroll

  • nicolah hodgson 3 years ago

    U meen

  • stanley stanley 3 years ago

    Funniest hockey video ive ever seen