The best and funniest player pranks, bloopers and moment ever seen in the NHL!

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Philadelphia Flyers TV
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  • MadeWithGing 3 years ago

    I’m a simple person, I see flames, I click

  • 1:29 — LOL, the bird, perfectly to the music.

  • Autumn Spinek 3 years ago

    Um ….. Gordie Howe is the best Detroit Red Wings player in History . Don't hate me for my opinion everyone has their own and I have mine.

  • lauren harper 3 years ago


  • nicole 3 years ago

    1:58 why do I find this so funny😂

  • Cristian Flores 3 years ago

    43 dislike well you people are idiots

  • Matthew O'Brien 3 years ago

    The bird

  • Benjamin Blake Mitchner 3 years ago

    I cracked up throughout this, but for an almost entirely unknown NHL related (I have to say related) blooper that is uproariously funny there was a Canadian band of NHL players who got together because they weren't good enough for that and thought they could take on music called Command back in the early 70s and that guy had such a screechy horrible voice you can't listen to it without laughing yourself sick. "Black cat you took all my luck stole my woman the night I needed a f*ck" is a sample lyric. Another one is "Wetter than ice cream melted I wanna grab you and lick it all down the goddamn drain." Some people like it and pay money for it!!!!!!! It's very, very rare only 100 copies were made. It goes for horrible money. That's my input. Command is very funny.

  • Hype Steeder RGT 3 years ago

    You suck

  • Gina Bocsa 3 years ago

    1:29 what a beautiful, and powerful moment n history.

  • Benjamin Blake Mitchner 3 years ago

    I'm alright now. I realize something. Does anyone else agree that NHL players are like Vikings of the modern day and we should have a few players named Thor? By Vikings I mean warriors, but damned sharp ones too. Fortunately, they are peaceful and kind off the ice and haven't discovered how to build longboats yet. Cheers from a wannabe Scandinavian.

  • Azeen 3 years ago

    Of course ovechkin said 100

  • Zapinsane 1245 3 years ago

    Of course Crosby sias 100

  • Masterscout 5928 3 years ago

    1:29 my favorite part of the video also go sabres

  • bogey2230 3 years ago

    ' We all can't be built like 15 year old's '

    Shit that is funny 1:24

  • Ryan Polywkan 3 years ago

    Ovi would say 100, totally expected it!!

  • Connor 3 years ago

    I miss lecalvia

  • Daniel Lavan 3 years ago

    The flyers snake one was awesome

  • I am2spookyforu 3 years ago

    1:31 hey bird

  • Ed Stevens 3 years ago

    Expected to see the entire Bruin's season.