Hey there, prankster Pandas! Take a look at these awesome friend pranks & fun DIY ideas! Try making your own awesome drinkable glass cleaner to prank your friends or prank them by coloring their shower water! Don’t forget to stay tuned for more funny pranks by subscribing to our channel!

00:00 Drinking Glass Cleaner Prank
00:50 Balloon Prank On Door
02:01 I’m Pregnant Prank With Balloon
03:16 Splashing Balloon Prank Using Juice
04:17 I Cut Myself Prank
05:00 Splashing Water Prank From Trash Can!
05:56 Died Shower Prank
07:20 Pringles Bomb Prank
08:33 Snake In Fridge Prank
10:04 Fake Person In WC Prank

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