I’ve always wanted to prank my friend MeiYan. I finally got her! The satisfaction is real!!

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  • Bang Tolep 2 years ago

    to many BACOD!!

  • Spade Z 2 years ago

    If it were me I woulda long left that place woulda already start searching for a new apartment to live in!!

  • vandana srivastava 2 years ago

    Her reaction is like
    First time – yeah whatever, its cool
    Mid- ummmm… Something is wierd

  • Pejman Khamissi 2 years ago

    Have Alexa a bug? Would be my first question if this happend to me xD

  • Adi Danial 2 years ago

    bro your laugh like pontianak not kidding

  • Aswin Sudarsan 2 years ago

    For your information baby sounds give woman mother instincts❀️

  • Aaron Williams 2 years ago


  • Ecofashwave 2 years ago

    fake a f

  • Jonard Marfil 2 years ago

    Why people is disliking that who disliked is Racist

  • VΘΊiN 2 years ago

    who dat- 1:39

  • Jacob Armijo 2 years ago

    Just sits and watches the person banging

  • Jacob Armijo 2 years ago

    I love how she decides to be an idiot when that person was banging on the window instead of hiding

  • asyera larasnara 2 years ago

    Wonder how to do it to scare my brother…..😐😐😐😐

  • not funny

  • Azite Official 2 years ago

    2:17 What Da Hellllll

  • MOB GAMERS 2 years ago

    Andrew looks like Vanossgaming who agree

  • kazuya_ masumi 2 years ago

    Nothing is scarier than baby crying…
    I do not like baby

  • Some One 2 years ago


  • Dayday's dread journy jayy 2 years ago

    Did any one see the shadow

  • Jaden Toleafoa 2 years ago

    Dumb fuck that was so gay