TSM Prank Wars! LOL
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  • Gucci Kang 5 years ago

    1:28 What do you mean we are trolls, look at how short you are…

  • TheEnchanted0ne 5 years ago

    Why the fuck is dark on here with his annoying ass voice bruh

  • Assassindavid888 5 years ago


  • Thomas Myers 5 years ago

    What does tsm mean

  • oUtStrid3R 5 years ago

    its says fortnite but has like h1zi in it

  • Elijah Aguer 5 years ago

    Dark's character gave birth

  • Alex Kamander 5 years ago

    Hamz is definitely the “special” one in tsm lol. I love myth and dae but can’t stand ham

  • Akoni Ah Yat 5 years ago

    Yo bro BRO bro bro BRO BRO bro bro BRO BRO bro BRO bro BRO

  • EverydaySaucer2 5 years ago

    Daequan sliding past the door was the funniest shit. He funny as shit

  • CamBoneThaWizard 5 years ago

    Fuck you content thief!!! I wish you were banned

  • Je _ Boi 5 years ago

    Watch the video on my channel with the new EYE OF THE STORM TRACKER!!! I need subs

  • Jori Paembonan 5 years ago

    Daequan:wha du e

  • B4LExact 5 years ago


  • Lenin Palafox 5 years ago

    it triggers me that he doesn’t collect his rewards

  • X [Sonic x] 5 years ago

    Tsm house? More like Z house but for fortnite amirite?

  • TheJakings 5 years ago

    Daequan is so skinny like me

  • Feldt 5 years ago

    3:35 i love daequan

  • gamer keys 5 years ago

    myth needs to shave

  • Ishaan Kang 5 years ago

    Fuck the faze house