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So, I’m not the best to edit crack videos, so keep in mind that this is just a humor video! I just added some small things here and there to make it less boring.

Even though Reign could be pretty dark sometimes, it also had so many funny moments! I just had to make a video about the show’s funnier side once. I hope you’ll like it!

Thank you so much for watching!

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  • Kiwi Cat 3 years ago

    This is making me want to watch Reign again

  • "It's really romantic, my father threatened to kill them both if they didn't marry"

  • Izabelle Martin 3 years ago

    David died way too early, he became one of my favorites so quick and died just as fast ): <3 Horrible death as well.

  • Elsa Zetterberg 3 years ago


  • Zara Posthumus 3 years ago

    Marzipan !

  • Gabriella Pietrakowski 3 years ago

    Mary and Catherine are the queens of funny lines and lies

  • Vikki Taylor 3 years ago

    So funny! Megan as Catherine made this show

  • miss lily Pierce 3 years ago

    Kill the royals erm perhaps not right now scene gets me everytime 😂 also what’s the song called xx

  • Sharon Binns 3 years ago

    Megan as Catherine was fantastic. I missed Henry ll he was funny.

  • tvd Chile 3 years ago


  • Abby Dickerson 3 years ago

    I still can’t get over the fact that Mary, queen of SCOTLAND speaks with a British accent. And that they’re all speaking English or at least with in an English accent when they’re in FRANCE.

  • lavender_cupcake 3 years ago
  • Love Remy 3 years ago

    Catherine and Mary were a funny and powerful duo

  • Jewl Deitz 3 years ago

    “Kathryn unhand that rag” 😂😂😂😂

  • Rebecca orourke 3 years ago

    What's the music in the background

  • Siena Shawver 3 years ago

    Honestly kathrine is the best part of the show😂

  • Lolade Alaka 3 years ago

    I started laughing before the video even started.

  • megan lynn 3 years ago

    When they don't know how their clothes come back clean!😂😂

  • Alina Scotsman 3 years ago

    Catherine is literally my MOTHER!!! like i’m absolutely obsessed with her, she’s a queen, she’s an icon, she’s a queen mother, she’s literally top tier 🤩

  • Danica Brewer 3 years ago

    My most favorite part 1:26 Dinner!!!