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happy wheels 2 demo

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  • Luisaa 4 years ago

    THE LAST ONE, is the best

  • Eleven.Eggo. Sierra 4 years ago

    0:00 it makes me so sad because when Stanley says “best feeling ever" it’s like one of the only times he’s happy then If you didn’t watch chapter 2 don’t press more

    Ok then he died and it just makes me so upset 😭

  • Nat 2005anime 4 years ago

    iT dOESn’t SMeLl liKe CacA To ME SEñOr

  • J.A.A. Vlogz 4 years ago

    “ The list is longer than my wang “

    Well, I’m a girl, so it’s definitely longer than mine

    Like if you have watched IT

  • Ale Animates 4 years ago

    "I ain't no druggie" lmao

  • Isabella Vasquez 4 years ago

    StIlL iS aM i RiGhT bOyS

  • IIScarlettg_ :3 4 years ago

    The ending made me shit myself cuz my dad snored so goddam loud. It sounded like a growl.

  • XxImNotYou xX 4 years ago

    Damn I just got an ad that was in Spanish but these people were holding damn red balloons

  • dummygabby 4 years ago

    i love this boy

  • WolfyGrlYT 4 years ago

    Imagine if Mike from stranger things met Richie.

  • YT_KILLZ BRUH 4 years ago

    Did anyone see pennywise behind the tire at 1:22

  • Neeharika Chadha - Elev Karlskrona Internationella grundskola PYP456 4 years ago

    He is brave in the end

  • Nastya Kolosok 4 years ago

    Many of Richie's jokes were actually improvised/written by Jack, yes he is THAT chaotic

  • Noeleen Kino 4 years ago

    Wow its so weird knowing that Finn is playing Richie he always swears!

  • That Quiet kid 4 years ago

    “ Doesn’t smell like Caca to me Señor “ – Richie

  • Dolly Ky 4 years ago

    « These birth control pills? »
    « Yeah im saving it for your sister »

  • crispy VA 4 years ago

    "doesn't smell like caca to me señor" oh no-

  • Soph Boo 4 years ago

    Am I the only one who has a big fat crush on stanly ;-;

  • LOVERS 17 4 years ago

    Hawaiian curly red boy

  • Alyssa Poole 4 years ago

    I can literally quote all of these by memory