Richie Tozier (Bill Hader) Funny Moments from IT Chapter 2.

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  • Tommy Crump 4 years ago

    Bill Hader was one of the best things about this movie

  • meme sauce 4 years ago

    "what the fuck happened to me"

    favorite line

  • iLL RICKx_x 4 years ago

    2:06 dead funny ass part

  • Emily Darling 4 years ago

    I just want someone to look at me the way Richie looks at Eddie 3:10 😞

  • Emily Romero 4 years ago

    0:28 my best friend

  • Gaming Donkaaay 4 years ago

    When I watched this film I died “remember when he did that little dance” 😂😂 1:20

  • Blackpink UwU 4 years ago

    Bill header is like the funniest

  • distinguished disaster 4 years ago

    richie tozier: CEO of throwing up

  • Diana Borges 4 years ago

    0:26 lol thats why richie and eddie are my fav characters

  • Maiya Dales 4 years ago


  • Looly Loo 4 years ago

    Richie:”I know your moves you lil bitch!”
    Ed’s: i am confused why do I love this man

  • Chris Brookbank 4 years ago

    what’s with the music tho holy crap

  • AgentOrange 4 years ago

    Why is there music that is not supposed to be there?

  • GanTz :0 4 years ago

    “What It’s Like A Woman?”

    Forshadowing At It’s Finest Folks

  • Jason Mccullough 4 years ago

    I cant find my glasses
    No i legit cant find my glasses

  • Jason Mccullough 4 years ago

    You want a picture ?
    I think im good 🤨

  • Eggo Minds 4 years ago

    Eddie was so concerned when Richie said he got marred 😂😱


    R.I.P. Eddie

  • 市Kelly 4 years ago

    I couldn’t stay serious because bill harder had me laughing the entire movie

  • Alex WILSON 4 years ago

    2:27 one of my favorite moments from Richie and Eddie

  • A_g_ Riverdalefan 4 years ago

    Richie: sees Stan on fridge
    Richie saying it serious but also very funny: ItS sTaN

    Moments later….
    Stan in the roof*
    Richie: oH tHeRE hE iS