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Work can get boring, so why not scary the life out of your co-worker? Watch these #officepranks videos and #workfails and get some ideas for your job! Americas Funniest Videos has the most epic library for #fail clips and we’ve put together a list that will make you laugh 😆. Let us know which fails made you LOL the most and which you’ll do to your co-worker!

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  • Nyanko Sensei 3 years ago

    Now this is wholesome content. Nothing like what kids these days are calling pranks.

  • Nicolaas Nel 3 years ago

    Afv is the best of fun.

  • Yurapit88 3 years ago

    Guy deff got a fat lip and prob chipped a tooth

  • Ricardo Pinto 3 years ago

    happy thanksgiving 🍽🦃 friend good luck 👍

  • Camila Sallee 3 years ago


  • Nicole 3 years ago

    Why would they scare someone while they're welding? That's just beyond stupid.

  • Leef Keenhart 3 years ago

    Everything is a scariest office prank until you work at ISS.

  • Midna Moon 3 years ago

    Me: sees two guys in the woods crossing a log
    Ah yes office pranks

  • Laura Jankauskaitė 3 years ago

    Today died my pretty cat.sad.but you,re video made my smile

  • Tatianba Randle 3 years ago

    moneybagg yo

  • Katrin Eggert 3 years ago

    Die Instrumentale Musik bei 8:40 hörte sich an wie als wird der Löwe und Vogelscheuche und das Mädchen ein Tanz machen

  • Golla Raghu 3 years ago

    Hi broo am in India ur vedios r spr broo i will follow ur vedios broo

  • Joseph Herig 3 years ago

    I cant stand people with no sense of humor. They need hit with a humor stick. :p

  • domenico spadavecchia 3 years ago

    photograph ed sheeran

  • QuintusKing 3 years ago

    5:07 We did it once but with my friend's keyboard in the computer class (we swapped his keyboard plug when he wasn't looking) and boy we lost it when he was so confused when we typed on his keyboard lol

  • Vinod Kumar 3 years ago

    Funny 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

  • Tanvir Shuvo 3 years ago

    4:28 hhahahha

  • โมบาย ช๊อป 3 years ago


  • 정석현 3 years ago

    In the middle of the video, the policeman's amazing video seems very dangerous … Instant head shots? Hahaha

  • Once my i went for an interview and the guy told me I was hired then he pointed towards the camera.