Hello Dear Viewers, This is our ultimate best of video so far we created! I hope you love this Horror Valak Scary Prank video. We pranked a lot of people pretty good 🙂

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Prank Jokes


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  • Nyande Haniel 3 years ago

    I love the way the Whites walks together… They are so friendly.. Loving this from Ghana.. Any white who love black should message me😍

  • edward rossman 3 years ago

    Look @ 4:15, the girl was wearing Nun shoes more like the real thing than the scary Nun.

  • Adil Abusafa 3 years ago

    يتعذر المشاركة مشكور.

  • Bek Falk 3 years ago

    Which country i this?

  • АЙ БОЛИТ 3 years ago

    Россиян полно где это ?

  • Александра Каражеляскова 3 years ago

    Радует , что после русских ,,крылатых '' выражений никто в маску не заехал . Повезло пранкеру …

  • varad sane 3 years ago

    You shoud do nun character at night

  • Tom Hardy 3 years ago

    Это в какой стране? Русскоговорящих много)

  • my srun 3 years ago

    this country is so beautiful and also the people is very peaceful.

  • PQ Zool 3 years ago

    Грузия что ли ?

  • Pablo Esco 3 years ago


  • Jeff Bailey 3 years ago

    Mom in the red shirt at 1:17… You can tell she has a great sense of humor!

  • PUBG mobile Alexxx7999 3 years ago

    Наши тупые коровы , все обламывают

  • Omg😂😂😂

  • Sam Sekhara 3 years ago


  • Jokoyama Joko 3 years ago

    ??? In what city and country was it filmed

  • Александр Макаров 3 years ago

    Откуда столько русских?

  • old school chevy 3 years ago

    I guess those young boys haven't learned to carry purses like their daddy's yet.

  • Pedro Borges Dos Santos 3 years ago

    Sou fã número 1 do seu canal aqui no Brasil e estou desempregado e se vc pedir 25 centavos por cada escrito do seu canal no YouTube e me doa esse dinheiro pra mim realizar um sonho é comprar um caminhão plataforma de porte pequeno pra trabalhar com guincho estou desempregado e pago aluguel também moro em Balneário Piçarras SC meu watszap é 47996005581 Pedro Borges dos Santos

  • Syed Fahad Ali 3 years ago

    Which country is that?