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  • The Seventh Ducks 3 years ago

    Who is the long haired dude?

  • liza marri 3 years ago

    7:19 me when i dont do my calc hw

  • liza marri 3 years ago

    1:34 is me every goddamn day once my drink got stuck and i tried lightly shaking it then i gave up and i'd worn combat boots to school so i fucking slammed the machine and my drink popped out and this whole group of tough boys were staring at me like o shit

  • Elodie B. 3 years ago

    7:55 alec is like wtf I CANTTTT🤣🤣

  • Elodie B. 3 years ago

    4:52 ALEC IS ME LMAO🤣

  • Elodie B. 3 years ago

    4:39 💀💀💀💀💀 jace lmao

  • DAJANAE McIntosh 3 years ago

    Its a motorcycle club
    Stop it

  • Sofia Wilson12 3 years ago

    Some people may forget
    -is a full blown weapon smith
    -literally a whole medical examiner
    -a badass fighter
    -overall good person
    -Plus a straight hottie
    Thanks ou this has been a psa

  • Mya Graham 3 years ago

    magnus walks in the room
    izzy: looks like someone needs a coffee
    magnus: oh no thank you, already had six.

  • Shadow World 3 years ago

    I still have hope that shadowhunters will get picked up someday

  • Random User 3 years ago

    Good damit I loved this so much WHY DID IT END

  • Heloisa Schulz 3 years ago

    "you don't have to take ur clothes off, unless u want to" lmao

  • Mya Graham 3 years ago

    when simon was playing guitar outside and jace put money in his case and when jace said « i’m just trying to help the homeless » i died 😂😂

  • happy parasite 3 years ago

    Shadowhunters being a meme for 9 minutes

  • Cøøkie 3 years ago

    3:40 What episode is this?

  • Bananaforscale 3 years ago

    Magnus TooMuch Bane

  • Liz B 3 years ago

    clary was in a mischievous feeling.. (1:45)

  • Edward Cullen 3 years ago

    Wow awesome awesome awesome awesome 😎 👏

  • Ana Lais Santos Campos 3 years ago

    Izzy chutando a máquina é muito bom😂😂😂

  • Ellizabeth Kane 3 years ago

    this is AMAZING!!