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happy wheels 2 demo


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  • vdudvgdbj 4 years ago

    Paul Wesley had so many different characters to play

    Vampire Stefan
    Ripper Stefan
    Human Stefan
    Amnesic Stefan
    Tom avery

    Whereas Ian had only one character

    Dick Damon

  • Mommy Peapie 4 years ago

    I also like in one Season 5 episode when Stefan has his mind wiped by Quetsiyah and he’s talking to Damon about being a ripper and Stefan goes “Well, I’m no doctor.. Wait.. Am I?” 😆

  • Tamanna parmar 4 years ago

    Ii can't believe that this video doesn't contain salas's Knock knock joke

  • Bad things happen let it go 4 years ago

    Funny stefan is basically paul

  • Vampires_lover UwU 4 years ago

    I loved Stefan from the start and as Silas I loved him more

  • kxioko 4 years ago

    you didnt add the bus stop scene –

  • Natalie Sandoval 4 years ago

    Something in me is saying that Paul Wesley was in fact drunk when he shot some of these scenes.

  • Ayesha Qamar 4 years ago

    2:16 me in quarantine😂😂

  • Ayesha Qamar 4 years ago

    1:47 🤣🤣

  • Ayesha Qamar 4 years ago

    When Stefan has humour no ones better than him not even damon

  • All American 4 years ago

    you should make another one

  • c_vee12 4 years ago

    Silas and Funny!Stefan is just Paul being Paul

  • Funny Stefan is best stefan

  • matthew mann 4 years ago

    What I like about Silas is that he is not usually a self righteous hypocritical prick more times then not like another similar face I could mention

  • Ugh._.madison 4 years ago

    Wait who is Silas again can someone tell me

  • Deea Cristian 4 years ago

    Oh aha ah i don’t hug :BEST LINE EVER SAID BY STEFAN🤣

  • — Klaus 4 years ago

    00:05 what's the episode?

  • Jamyla Tolbert 4 years ago

    Those thumbs down are Damon on different accounts

  • Stephanie Fay Page 4 years ago

    Did Silas have any siblings because Silas call Damon and Stefan his distant nephews?

  • Savannah Penn 4 years ago