The Best of Gordon Ramsay Raging
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  • MRichard333 5 years ago

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  • Derpy Dog 5 years ago

    Sacky wacky

  • Lodi Gaming - Gaming And Gaming 5 years ago

    D O N K E Y

  • AC Nug 5 years ago


  • Maniruzzaman Sikder 5 years ago

    Fooking bass is fooking


  • Fronneily Tadena 5 years ago

    Why does he have to throw the food?
    Thousands of children in the world are starving and he just does that?where are his manners?😕😕😕

  • Roshan Gorilla 5 years ago

    It looks like fucking Ghandis flip flops xD

  • PoomStep Za 5 years ago

    You You You You You Get Outtttttttttt!!!!!!!!!

  • Akizuki YT 5 years ago

    Raw B-ASS

  • Akizuki YT 5 years ago

    Kitchen is full of knife gordon

  • Dylan Tompkins 5 years ago

    "Fuck off"

  • RedSwiftie 1989 5 years ago

    Godzilla has arrived.

  • The Mad MGTOW 5 years ago

    gordon ramsay is a carbon copy of my old boss, although my old boss lacked the sense of humor Gordon Ramsay has.

  • Angel Vera 5 years ago

    he would be a great drill sergent

  • Jacob Anderson 5 years ago

    "Right well I'll get you more pumpkin and I'll ram it right up your fuckin arse. Would you like it whole or diced?"😂😂

  • cupcake princess 5 years ago

    Listen listen listen f*** f*** f*** f*** get out

  • Tide Pods 5 years ago

    Fuck off you fucking bimbo

  • Tide Pods 5 years ago

    Rubber rubber RUBBER

  • Tide Pods 5 years ago

    ''then wake up you fucking doughnut"

  • Tide Pods 5 years ago

    "Its like a Bisons penis