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  • Jilliane Frias 6 years ago

    The intro almost brake my ear

  • DisturbedOne8000 6 years ago

    Blackwashed Jimmy Olsen likes Kara. Double dose of SJW crap.

  • Legendary Bogdan 6 years ago

    Background song??

  • Sniperks 11 6 years ago

    The music always fucking ruins it

  • MeltDownGaming 6 years ago

    wouda been funnier if i could hear what they are saying over the music

  • •ɑɾí • ςօɾղ• 6 years ago

    Barry:Wait you have a sister…

  • # SHADOW 6 years ago

    What's that intro name

  • Angelena Walker 6 years ago


  • Noblelox 6 years ago

    Whats with the shit loud music?

  • Edogawa Conan 6 years ago

    After season 4 Kara can’t touch Barry.

  • imani awsome10 6 years ago

    Hey Sparky shreaky……………..hi

    jealousy I’m Olsen

    Let’s settle this like woman……….what there’s more of you here than me

  • Rohan Das 6 years ago

    Wait so cat can figure out who is the man in mask not the girl in glasses

  • Sonia Jalal 6 years ago

    Kara:and I’m from another plant
    Berry: waait WHAT
    Winn:oh yea she’s a alien
    Berry: am I hearing things
    Kara:oh yea I’m a alien
    Barry: WTF

  • Pokimon Neon 11 6 years ago

    The song was way too loud

  • Carlo Venn Daug 6 years ago

    Super girl's so cute and beautiful 😍

  • PixieDusk 101 6 years ago

    I love this video, but the music could have been lowered down a few notches

  • Raizel Jasfer 6 years ago

    The Flash meeting Cat Grant. 😂😂

  • XxIrene AngelxX 6 years ago

    Jealousy, thy name is Olsen.

  • Coisas de Lady 6 years ago


  • Tobito TV 6 years ago

    Barry getting all dorky.
    "Your on fire! I… nope!"