The Funniest Pandemic Jokes That Will Make Your Day
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  • John Segertsons 3 years ago

    LOL Andrew Coumo explaining mask after he murdered hundreds of elderly by sending covid-19 patient to nursing homes is soo funny

  • Pa -1 3 years ago

    5:35 nothing amiss…

  • Tasha Morgano 3 years ago

    4:07 Is my favorite one cause I love anime so much

  • BeautifulFireflies 3 years ago

    6:40 make lemon bars with the zest!

  • It's Me 3 years ago

    9:25 yupp =))

  • Jamie Nelson 3 years ago

    Again, thank you!

  • Chad W 3 years ago

    if wearing a stupid 2 ply tissue paper mask on your face could stop spreading virus's as they claim. Why the fuck hasnt the whole world been doing this for over a hundred years? Fucking scary how easily the government can set fear into the population with such ease. Everything is corrupt. Banking, government, marriage, courts EVERYTHING. but morons care more about a fucking stupid mask than anything….. sad sad sad

  • ~(Rogue Jedi)~ 3 years ago

    You can smell poop in bathrooms while wearing a mask. That virus is going to pass right through

  • BRANCHES OF YAH 3 years ago

    The funniest pandemic joke is they've never isolated this virus so medically speaking it doesn't exist. The next joke is if they actually are working on a vaccine we can't have a vaccine without isolating the virus first. Bwaahaha we are so gullible.

  • dirteater63 3 years ago

    All you pro maskers need to wear them 24/7, absolutely no exceptions !

  • I is a Hufflepuff 3 years ago

    I really dislike my country…

  • sharon r bower 3 years ago

    Where are the jokes. I am tired of "wear your mask or die crap".

  • R V A 3 years ago

    what about aerosols coming out of your but

  • Grand Admiral Manatee 3 years ago

    2:45 that’s why I’m glad I’m in new zealand

  • Bowen Jacket-Leckot 3 years ago

    2:46 New Zealand ain’t like this we’re living in a communist state with Jacinda Ardern. Lol people think it’s that nice here. It’s nice but not with a mule for a prime minister.

  • Michelle Frost 3 years ago

    All the people who said they laughed and laughed at this are the ones who are not going to be laughing the morning of Nov. 4th. Grab your tissues liberals cause CNN told you Hilary was leading and they got that wrong too.

  • Qualicum Wilson 3 years ago

    Would it not be great if everyone who refused to wear masks, because they get a very little bit of "recycled air", be required to wear a Medic alert bracelet that say "Do not Preform CPR or Artificial Ventilation as I do not believe air from lungs can sustain life."

  • •MOTHER JULIAN• 3 years ago

    4:10 is just so true

  • Biggiebaby 3 years ago

    In my state, the death rate is 1/10th of 1%. And thoes are Dept of Health numbers. In my county of 315000. 58 deaths. 60% were over 70 years old. NO deaths of 20-30 year olds.
    Inconvenient truths.
    In Democratically controlled NY, death leader….. The elderly were intentionally warehoused together with exsisting covid patients.

  • Johnny Belinda 3 years ago

    Sweden does not wear masks. They're fine. Netherlands just quit wearing them because they decided they don't really work. I only pull mine up if I see someone else wearing one. And after all this is over and we have a cure…………….. please continue to remain 6 ft away from me. Thanks.