3RD EDIT: It’s been a while since this video was apparently popular, so I’ve decided to be nice and restore your commenting ability for the video.

2ND EDIT: Great balls of fire, my video got linked to a big website to demonstrate bad acting in gaming! I’ll put on the record, that I believe Tidus’ acting was great (James Arnold Taylor FTW) and even if he laughs eerily strange here, it’s rationalized that he just heard some deeply disturbing news concerning his father, whom he nearly despises. Yuna, however, was pretty bad at times, including this scene. There’s no reason she had to laugh just as bad as Tidus. FFX also had a group of big-name voice actors like Tara Strong, John DiMaggio, Quinton Flynn, and Corey Burton (voice acting GOD). Heck, even Dwight Schultz, better known as Lt. Barclay from Star Trek TNG was doing voice acting for FFX! FFX didn’t mess around with its acting…with the exception of Yuna. Forgive my rant. *Ahem* …but I’m still keeping comments off. *Exasperated look*

EDIT: Due to the overwhelming flow of comments, commenting on this video has been disabled. Why does this video get so many? I don’t know!

Scene from Final Fantasy X where Tidus and Yuna laugh. Very hard. For no particular reason.
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  • Paper Luigi 2 years ago

    The definition of "So bad it's good" because that's how it was meant to be in the first place.

  • DigiMaster Z 2 years ago

    I think the reason why I find this scene hilarious is because Tidus actually looks over to Yuna as she tells him to stop, but then the camera cuts to him turning around and continuing his forced laugh. Even with the context, I just find it far too memeable unfortunately lmao

  • Lad Boii 2 years ago

    Japanese cringe

  • Matthew C 2 years ago

    i agree

  • Raleigh The Videocassette 2 years ago

    I'm here from Schaffrillas Productions' Pixar ranking video

  • Joshua's Gameplays 2 years ago

    Tidus and Yuna laughing makes me feel a emotion that doesn't exist

  • Gregory Merry 2 years ago

    McDonald's worker: Hi what can I get you?
    Customer: Some food would be nice.
    McDonald's worker:

  • BessLump 2 years ago

    Me when someone say Amogus

  • typhoonthunder 2 years ago

    ah yes, i remember my first time on ifunny as well

  • Marcus Gabriel 2 years ago

    Sitcom: makes sex jokes
    The audience: 0:35

  • Salonowy 2 years ago


  • Jake Smith 2 years ago

    This is what I have to deal with from 31 other NFL fan bases after Big Ben and Juju Smith-shuster decided to come back for another year. Can Mike Tomlin just retire already.

  • Michiel Blancquaert 2 years ago

    These are of the same kind of the species Mark Zuckerberg is from, put in a video game.

  • Yoru Laney 2 years ago

    Can someone give me the context pls. Why did this happen?

  • Austin'sStuff 2 years ago

    I randomly got a nosebleed for no reason watching this

  • Gus Saint-Martin 2 years ago

    Damn bro you got the whole squad laughing

  • Juaben Rodriguez 2 years ago

    Any Schaffrillas fans here?

  • Lens of Truth 2 years ago

    Saturday Night Live be like:

  • Retail workers when you say "It didn't scan, does that mean it's free?"

  • Holy shit this game was 6 years old when this video was posted. This year it’s gonna be 20 years old