Over the years there has been tomfoolery a’plenty in The Office. Revisit some of Jim’s best pranks against Dwight.

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Funny Pranks



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  • Sebastiaan Krul 1 year ago

    Jims fake death should have been in there

  • Team Trees 1 year ago

    In my OPINION the vending machine was the funniest

  • This Is Mark 1 year ago

    This show leaves Netflix today…

    2021 already taking and L

  • Philly Baseball8 1 year ago

    Where is Dwight with the Cornell shirt

  • Nav Veer Bhangal (182NavBhan) 1 year ago

    The glamorous crow lately wreck because uganda unexpectedly correct amongst a defective diamond. squalid, toothsome digital

  • Indigo3550 1 year ago

    This is so good

    That’s what she said

  • Indigo3550 1 year ago

    Who else misses micheal

  • Dylan Hill 1 year ago

    Dwight getting his revenge on jim shows that he would be a great villain mastermind in the office. That’s only if he put the effort in pranks like Jim does in the early seasons

  • Alex In Wonderland 1 year ago

    man i love when jim pranks dwight and pam just tries her hardest not to laugh 😭✋

  • ikea Video 1 year ago

    Hi The office

  • Shifter Gaming 1 year ago

    5:16 is where John Krasinski realized he had a career in action movies.

  • Marshall Martin 1 year ago

    Question which bear is best
    False black bear
    Fact bears eat beats
    Bears beats battlestarqlactacer

  • Marshall Martin 1 year ago

    Nnnnnnnoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He spilled his coffee

  • ding dawng 1 year ago

    Am I the only one who feels dwight went a little overboard with the snow thing

  • Rosie Kim 1 year ago

    my personal favorite is the one where jim tricks dwight into hosting a garden party through his own instructions. he wrote an entire book.

  • Get Noob 1 year ago

    Asian Jim , LOL

  • Joseph Christenson 1 year ago

    Jim – 9
    Dwight – 1

  • Trevorplays 1 year ago

    What’s even funnier about the first one for me is that Jim could of spaced the bottom 2 desks apart for Dwight to have more space, but he made it as tight as possible

  • Ashley Magnani 1 year ago

    Future Dwight is severely underrated & I’ll stand by that the rest of my life

  • Mo Mann 1 year ago

    I love the office!!!😍😍