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  • humberto amador 2 years ago

    Me gusta mucho muy buen equipo excelentes

  • terry varta 2 years ago

    In the first one in the USA the cops will still shoot the guy and claim self defence even if they new it was a prank

  • Ken Wolfe 2 years ago

    1:00 Poor kid looked like he was going to cry.

  • Atamjeet Singh 2 years ago

    Beautiful, you guys are awesome

  • umar gujjar 2 years ago

    3:43 well that was embarassing

  • 2 % Π”Π΅Ρ€ΡŒΠΌΠ° 2 years ago


  • Subjohny 2 years ago

    my favorite is "cops stealing candy from kids"

  • kamal mehto 2 years ago

    its so funny its really finish all the tension

  • UMS UMS 2 years ago


  • The Mouse 2 years ago

    Love it #Cheers from America

  • Victor h2019 2 years ago


  • William Novais 2 years ago


  • Francisco Policastro 2 years ago

    ALL IDIOTS.!!!

  • shishir gharti 2 years ago

    Haha…… That protest part was very very funny

  • Bagus Setiawan 2 years ago

    2019 ?

  • LΒ‘fe lΒ‘ne 2 years ago

    Lady be like, Teri maa ki….πŸ˜‚

  • Vincent Bryan 2 years ago

    This shit is so fake

  • kasi minh 2 years ago

    #2 πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  • MJ Ilma 2 years ago


  • Eritrean Zobakaza TV 2 years ago

    Where are this ppl from they are very nice and good citizens