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Our youtube team put together the Top 50 funniest AFV moments from this week! We can’t wait to see all of the funny videos Alfonso will share throughout the new season!

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happy wheels 2 demo

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  • 林彻延 2 months ago

    So freaking hurt…

  • Анзор Саиев 2 months ago


  • Анзор Саиев 2 months ago

    Они ненормальные мне очень жалко собаку

  • Анзор Саиев 2 months ago

    Пишите пожалуйста по русскому

  • Анзор Саиев 2 months ago

    Это больно

  • JOHN BRENT HISCOCK 2 months ago


  • José Molina 2 months ago

    Fani moment 🤗🤣🤣

  • Zach Smith 2 months ago

    To the young lady in the second clip. ouch I witnessed that same injury earlier today with one of the girls I babysit. Only she was walking on the edge of the half empty pool. Use some ice.

  • TTV_CombatBoy 2 months ago
  • ប៉ាល់ គន្ធា 2 months ago

    Don’t forget help subscribe to my channel please 🥰🤗🙏🏻💋

  • ប៉ាល់ គន្ធា 2 months ago

    The video is fun😂

  • Adil Kotwal 2 months ago


  • Zehra Yusufzade 2 months ago

    99÷ video -it's okay?
    1÷video laughing

  • zing eli 2 months ago

    Bodoh america.. vid cam ni pun suke sgt..

  • Party Maker 2 months ago

    In this video a 47 funny moments only

  • Leydi karol 2 months ago

    I love 😊 the video

  • Lusi Kauvaka 2 months ago

    1:27 he only missed that one

  • Gem Sanford-Johnson 2 months ago

    It almost make me laugh😂😂😅

  • Monica B 2 months ago

    I think theres something wrong with me. I watched this whole video and didnt even smile once. Wtf

  • Christina Timko 2 months ago

    Afv funny