Kids Show Totally Funny You Will LOL with Hilarious Characters and Skits Sketch Comedy Show

Get ready to laugh until you cry because we’re bringing you a new episode of Totally Funny, the funniest, goofiest, and craziest show for kids. Seriously! Catch up with Veronica and Veronika in So Cal Sweethearts, tune in to The Vocals, and get some advice from Miss Carrie Oakey in Southern Hospi-Therapy. Plus Wonder Woman makes a special appearance! All these silly characters will have you rolling on the floor with laughter so grab some popcorn and enjoy! Featuring: Jenn Barlow, Lindsey Jean Roetzel, Margeaux Jordan, Weston Meredith,Thia Megia, George McLachlan and Carlo Sebastian.

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  • Reyna H 1 year ago

    But jenn and Margo and Weston and every one else

  • Reyna H 1 year ago

    My cavorts are all of you you guys are all so

  • Reyna H 1 year ago

    I love your canel

  • unicorno i 1 year ago


  • Hemal Patel 1 year ago


  • Shamara Edwards 1 year ago

    And spread the word

  • Shamara Edwards 1 year ago

    Can you please watch shamarie's intro

  • Diarry 098 Sow 1 year ago


  • GRAVITY_CAT 1 year ago


  • Care-Bear's Universe 1 year ago

    Vallery is my favorite character

  • marti garci 1 year ago

    He should choose sava

  • Ruby Carzoli 1 year ago


  • Tanisha Desrivieres 1 year ago

    I don't understand what you're saying

  • Tanisha Desrivieres 1 year ago

    To be rude or anything Valerie's actually right and you guys had two you got both the wrong and you guys don't know how to speak the right way

  • Tanisha Desrivieres 1 year ago

    That makes no sense cuz that's not even how people talk and when you get grease on your test it doesn't say you got a barbecue sauce and says you got f b or c

  • Tanisha Desrivieres 1 year ago

    Valerie don't let them push you down like that stand up for your own self they're being billy's

  • Jocelyn Saintma 1 year ago

    My favorite song was yanki dodool

  • Erica Delarosa 1 year ago


  • Andre Oryan 1 year ago

    Its valerie

  • Aida Autrey 1 year ago

    So cali sweethearts i cant understand what you are saying