Totally TV Will Make You LOL with Hilarious Characters & Goofy Skits on the Totally Funny Show!

Get ready to laugh out loud with all your favorites from Totally.TV because we’re introducing our brand new sketch comedy show for teens, Totally Funny! You’ll see some familiar faces, but you’ll also get to meet new, goofy characters in a series of funny skits. Did we mention you’ll laugh until your stomach hurts? Enjoy a Date with Nana, listen to Captain Obvious’ useless information, catch up with the So-Cal Sweethearts, and ride the elevator with the Ele-Haters. Totally Funny is the funniest video show for teens! Can you handle the laughter? Featuring Totally TV stars: Jenn Barlow, Margeaux Jordan, Lindsey Jean Roetzel, Weston Meredith, Julin Jean, Michael Gmur.

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