TRY NOT TO LAUGH – Funny Fails Video 2020 – Best Fails of the Week

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happy wheels 2 demo


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  • AK The fortnite duo 4 years ago

    The women at 0:27 sounded like a bird

  • tt queen Liggins 4 years ago
  • Funny Clips 4 years ago


  • Dan Davis 4 years ago

    My fav was when his pants ripped

  • Dan Davis 4 years ago

    My favorite was when his pants

  • Juho Judin 4 years ago

    this is so funny i didn't even laugh

  • Alexis Miller 4 years ago

    the 8 one lol she banged her head on the flip in-wall lol hehe that mad funny

  • Vape On 4 years ago

    the 4t one

  • Eman fatima 4 years ago

    There so rude babies are getting hurt but instead of helping them there laughing like donkeys I won I didn't laugh at anyone careless parents there babies are getting hurt there just laughing

  • Isac Baez 4 years ago

    Ok I passed I didn't laugh at any clip

  • Josh Garcia 4 years ago

    That one part the lady didn't even help the baby that fell in the basket

  • Cleetus God 4 years ago

    8:19 goat time

  • Exer Guy 4 years ago

    When he said touch I died bruh

  • Michael Griffin 4 years ago

    this is not impossible for me but my brother laughed so hard he almost died

  • Lovely Lily's Life 4 years ago


  • KramerX2 4 years ago

    99% of this video is people falling over while trying to do something cool

  • Молодёжное ТВ 4 years ago


  • Ahmed Zidan 4 years ago

    i cant stop laughing

  • The Pizza Trophy 4 years ago

    Didn't laugh. gg ez

  • Wìlliåms 4 years ago

    is it me or do i not have humor? because this is not funny- if you laughed i'm decipointed-