This video involves the best bf vs girlfirend pranks of 2017


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  • kain cannon 6 years ago

    these are all fake as fuck

  • Kimmo Liu 6 years ago


  • Okan Şahin 6 years ago

    nimet lan o nabΔ±yon mk Γ§inlisi seni

  • yaz belle 6 years ago

    1st one real or not is stupid. He shouldn't be okay with showing his girls ass all over youtube and then the way she almost died at a little bit of water. Oml

  • Cameron Angel 6 years ago

    She do look like a wet dog

  • Barah Ah 6 years ago

    do something real asshole

  • SIE ŁOWI SIĘ MA 6 years ago

    Listen, if you and my friends will piss you, we will visit you and fuck you these evil heads.

  • A. l. e. x Z. e. r. o 6 years ago

    They aren’t boyfriend and girlfriend

  • Mark el Crack 6 years ago

    RIP beer

  • sea shells 6 years ago

    "I didn't care about my name either" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Sean Wardrop 6 years ago

    ahhh jesus that can't act for shit

  • Vrushank Doshi 6 years ago

    this is so fake..height of overacting

  • alishanmao 6 years ago

    Terrible actors. these are not pranks. these are just set routines. She can't act at all and gives it up real easy. guy is needs acting classes too

  • Janice Nichols 6 years ago

    yall need to come down

  • Sayed Hussein 6 years ago

    worst pranks

  • OGK King 6 years ago

    She nailed it that drink

  • ted junior 6 years ago

    not funny

  • Nikola Jakovljevic 6 years ago

    znas kad ce ovaj prvi da dobije picke vise nikada

  • USPSAnoob 6 years ago

    some of the worst acting ever

  • fo sho 6 years ago

    1clip is probably the first time he got her ''*wet'' πŸ˜‰