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  • Bonus Round 4 years ago

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  • He Is Weird 4 years ago

    The Finch family at it

  • LittleMiss Zombie 4 years ago

    This video should be renamed "People whom Steve Harvey seems genuinely concerned for."

  • Yeema Wheaver 4 years ago

    The sister kisser could have just said it's not me I just think it's probably up there instead of confirming it.

  • Laurie Huntley 4 years ago

    White guys Dont have White Balls??????

  • mikester0 4 years ago

    "what would a burglar breaking into a house not want to see"

    Me to wispering to myself at 3AM: cum sock

    The burglar in my closet:where?

  • 0Hugh0 0Jass0 4 years ago

    “Something that has white balls”
    My dad

  • Alex Jose Rodriguez 4 years ago

    Who thought of white dudes but hoped it would not be there

  • Alejandro Zuniga 4 years ago

    2:28 steve be thinking "you must be from Alabama"

  • EClare 2.0 4 years ago

    A joint: flips over
    Steve: gives up on life

  • didyouknowthatyoushouldsubscribetomyturtle 4 years ago

    “Name something you kiss something as a kid to practice on”
    “My sister”
    Me: sweet home Alabama

  • Coin Jupiter 4 years ago


  • steelie 21 4 years ago

    This show jury rigs the questions just to get the contestants to say something inappropriate . Usually of a sexual nature.

  • thomadash 4 years ago

    Steve Harvey only has 3 emotions:
    Laughing so hard he can't even stand up
    About to punch someone in the face
    Doesn't know what planet he's on

  • shane gosselin 4 years ago


  • Fans, boomboxes, and more 4 years ago

    You can kiss yourself in the mirror, but only on the lips.

  • •little_lion• 4 years ago

    "what is some thing a burglar would not wanna see breaking in?"


    i never screamed so loud-

  • Amy Johnston 4 years ago

    16:22 Mans Said That Like He's Seen Some Shit

  • Arturo Pena 4 years ago

    NAKED GRANDMA!!!, just yell it out loud!! lol!!! Classic

  • Ariel0Fluffyz 4 years ago