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  • the gaming lime 5 years ago

    All English people hide here

    Your safe now

  • Laker 81 5 years ago

    Whats the name of the orange camera

  • ROBLOX WWE 5 years ago


  • lol marcus darkstar 5 years ago

    marcus bmx traxxas blast vs x mxx

  • SlightlyButterdWaffle 5 years ago

    Just an English comment passing by…

  • Kayden yap 5 years ago

    How do have so much range

  • Jake Bixby 5 years ago

    can you hit me up with a stamped + i love RC cars/trucks

  • TrippATGU _ 5 years ago

    Just an English comment passing through

  • The King 5 years ago

    Hahahaha so cute btw i like the girl

  • jeremy piquet 5 years ago

    vous habiter ou thonain ?

  • Evan van 5 years ago

    This guy make all happy, love this one 👍👍👌👌

  • Stephan Huart 5 years ago

    JO je suis en France je suis en feu

  • Fortnite Playz 5 years ago

    This is so funny

  • ceep gamer 5 years ago

    Bcp enfant débiles

  • Aaftab sahab 5 years ago


  • Michael Avery 5 years ago

    I wish I could translate these comments to English.. I was hoping that with reading the comments I could learn how you were able to rig up your fpv setup and how on earth you got that kind of range by remote.. my Drone range is about 3kilometers.. similar tech?

  • Emmanuel Hoareau 5 years ago

    Vidéo sympa,j ai bien aimer,

  • Cihan Demir 5 years ago

    C est au lac de romanieu ?

  • Ectocraft 5 years ago

    Waaaa il ont failli t'le pété les p'tits u_u

  • marques Diego 5 years ago

    mdr encore une bonne idée