Yaya Sneaking Out The House Prank On Dad

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  • Hyanna Young 3 years ago

    Team Madlina and Team yaya

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  • Justyce Armas 3 years ago

    Team malinda team yaya

  • Brianna Foreshaw 3 years ago

    Can I have yaya number please😳😳😳😳

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    Hi Snowy

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    Hey snowie

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    Hi yaya

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    don it is just the moll. hi snowe. hi yaya. hi don hi dj.

  • Tsholofelo Malejoane 3 years ago

    Malinda is so cute Team Malinda

  • Natalie Hall 3 years ago

    Omg Don was like so crazy

  • Skylur Mcnish 3 years ago

    Girl yeah yeah that’s my girl that’s my girl and girl Belinda you’re my girl you’re my girl

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  • Nikea Pernell 3 years ago

    He scared

  • Joseph Phifer Jr. 3 years ago

    Low on love me know so if the 24 hours drive-thru came in what would you do nothing I say nothing because it's a dog never nobody's around so 24 hours is over

  • Chris Fischette 3 years ago

    You should do a prank no Melinda the disrespectful prank

  • Chris Fischette 3 years ago

    My fovorite person is yay in this in your house